“Building Bright Futures Together”

Blackie School is a small rural school located in the village of Blackie just south of Calgary. The school has 100 students from Pre-school to grade eight. The teaching staff is comprised of eight teachers who work either full or part-time, with both the principal and vice-principal having the opportunity to provide instruction as well. Because of the small number of students who attend, it is likely each teacher will have opportunity to interact at a personal level with each student at least once during the course of a school week. The majority of the older students have been taught by most of the teachers on staff. Combined, these two factors lend themselves to creating an environment where children know they are safe and that their education matters.

At Blackie School, opportunity abounds. Students are able to pursue most, if not all, of their interests. Very few students are ever excluded from extra-curricular activities, and all students are encouraged to apply their skills and abilities in unique and varied ways within each classroom. Within each classroom, teachers are committed to providing differentiated instruction, respecting the varied intelligences within a classroom, inclusion of an inquiry-based approach to teaching, and the use of assistive technologies to enhance student learning. As a result, teachers are able to help students explore their unique gifts and abilities, develop them, and then celebrate them. Students, who have the good fortune to attend Blackie School, develop confidence at an early age, and that confidence provides a strong foundation for lifelong learning and accomplishment. As a result, these students, with the help of their teachers, will have received the training and education they need to contribute positively in society as a result of the time they will have spent in Blackie School.


Improving learning for all students through intellectual engagement.


Each learner, entrusted to our care, has unique gifts and abilities.

It is our mission to find out what these are… Explore them… Develop them… and Celebrate them!