Project Ice

Project Ice (Hockey Canada Skills Academy) is an all-inclusive option for Grade 5-8 students, boys and girls, at Blackie School who want to improve their hockey skills.  From September to the end of March, we provide 2.5 hours of ice time per week, within the school day, where students are given instruction in skating, shooting, puck control, checking and passing.

Although it is not a learn-to-skate program, the program meets the needs of recreational players right up through AAA players.  An approved curriculum developed by Hockey Canada is followed.
For the balance of the school year students are engaged in off-ice training, off-ice skill development, leadership activities, sports research, and a variety of guest speakers relating to nutrition, stretching, hydration, mental preparedness, leadership, combining school and hockey plus a look into scholarship opportunities.

This program began in the 2007/08 school year and continues to be a strong asset to the students and community of Blackie.