School Council

Blackie School has both a School Council with the purpose of advising and being partners in the education of our youth and a Fundraising Society for purpose of raising money to support the efforts of School Council and the Blackie School.

Meetings are as listed below. Both the School Council and Funding Society meetings will occur during the scheduled time. The School Council will start at 6:30 pm. The Fundraising Society will call 4 meeting in the year, these meetings will be advertised separately in the 2018-19 year.

If you have any questions, please call the school @ (403) 601-1752 or contact the executive members.



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Meeting Schedule 2018-2019

Meeting Schedule 2017-2018

Meeting Schedule 2016-17  6:00-7:30 pm

Fundraising Parent Survey 2012 updated Nov 19th Parents Survey Results 2012

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“What School Council has done in the past & can do in the future for the Blackie School Community” (School Council Can Do pdf (2))