School Profile

Blackie School is a strong and vibrant PreK – 8  Learning Community.  Our mission speaks to our reputation and tradition of building bright futures for our community’s youth. We strive for strong academic performance, inclusive quality athletics and, excellence in the arts and performing arts.  In our work to support the learning of all 100 of our students the 8 teachers and 3 support staff members including an educational assistance an administrative assistant, and a librarian, of Blackie School we strive to be known as:

  • A school where children and families have choice in programs that help develop and celebrate unique gifts and abilities and/or interests such as our “Project Ice” hockey program for grades 6-8.
  • A school where children, staff and community feel welcome, valued, happy, and supported.
  • A school where children learn to their potential and beyond and experience success.
  • A school where daily physical education, art, drama and music are important complements to the academic life.
  • A school that has high expectations for success in learning and teaching based on experience, contemporary research, collaboration and student readiness.
  • A school that brings to life learning in a relationship of staff, students, curricula, and assessment.
  • A school where the staff are learners and continue to expand their knowledge of education and grow as individuals.
  • A school where appropriate use of technology is valued as an integral part of the 21st century learners’ experience.
  • A school where parents and the greater community are involved with their children and their learning.
  • A school were staff and students understand, care about, and act upon ethical values and virtues.