Our Values

The following common values drive our “Essential Agreements” at Blackie.

  • Each learner entrusted to our care has unique gifts and abilities.  It is our mission to find out what these are…  Explore them…  Develop them… Celebrate them…
  • A culture and community of learners that value:
    • respectful, responsible and resourceful global citizens.
    • honest, clear, and effective communication.
  • Every child knows we are committed to their well-being and learning and their unique differences are accepted and celebrated. 
  • We promote global citizenship and ask students to think globally and act locally.
  • We are a professional and collaborative culture of sharing and modelling lifelong learning that is focused on growth and well-being of every member of the learning community.
  • We create invitations to all students to learn, engage and develop through opportunities that are authentic and meaningful.

Assessment & Reporting

Blackie School values student assessment capable learners and assessment practices that provide students with on-going formative feedback to show growth and guide learning, evaluation practices that clearly reflect student achievement to known curricular outcomes, and reporting procedures that clearly and effectively communicate all aspects of student learning. We value student voice with practices such as self assessment and surveys that ascertain student perceptions regarding teacher assessment practice.

Student Learning

Blackie School values engaged and meaningful student learning. To accomplish this, the staff provides meaningful, authentic and challenging learning opportunities for all students and encourages students to collaborate and appreciate each other’s work in respectful ways. Likewise, peer to peer coaching is valued.

Student Conduct

Blackie School values citizenship in students and staff. By setting clear expectations of student conduct and modeling “Bulldog” Pride, Blackie staff promotes leadership and good citizenship among students. Our Characteristics of a learner are nurtured through values and virtues education that is infused in our curricula and school wide events – all of our assemblies have character education woven in.